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Men's Basketball Blog: Something Moore

Joey Ptasinski

Feb. 14, 2012

With Senior Day coming up this Wednesday night I feel it is necessary to have a senior day blog. Now usually this blog thanks the senior class for everything they have done and brought to the program, but since I am part of this year’s senior class I’d like to turn the tables on this one and explain why everyone should be thanking us.

You’re Welcome Lafayette Inn - With the Willen family's frequent trips to Easton throughout the past four years, I truly believe they single handedly have kept you in business. While your future Willen-less may look grim, Ryan’s love interest will remain on College Hill for another year, so don’t lose hope!

You’re Welcome former teammates - With seven freshmen in one class I can’t imagine there has ever been a better opportunity for upperclassmen to run circles around their disoriented younger teammates in practices. I can’t begin to tell you the multitude of times five of us were on the court together trying to figure out how to run “Alaska” or one of our other plays while the elders Andrew Brown, Jeff Kari and Michael Gruner had little sympathy for our cause and did not hesitate to make us look like fools. As we suffered through slide-talk-slides and sprints as a punishment, Coach O’ would so graciously remind us that “you can’t punish a champion.”

You’re Welcome current teammates - Where would you be without us? From the nicknames, to the sayings, to the lessons on and off the court, you all cannot argue that The Solid (as much as you hate this nickname) has brought greatness to each and every one of you. After all if it wasn’t for us, Jack Detmer would still be making more little comments than Jim Halpert from The Office and Joey Ptasinski would still be showing less skin on the court than the Leopard…actually that one is still a work in progress.

You’re Welcome fans - Have you ever seen J.D. Pelham’s pregame dance? Ever seen Ryan Willen or Nick Petkovich pull up from half-court? Ever read Something Moore? I know. Endless entertainment.

You’re Welcome coaching staff - Without us you would have never been introduced to such inspirational and intellectual post-road win movies as Billy Madison and The 6th Man. Also, without us who would be there to remind you all who had a better record in games they scouted? Who would be there to comment on who was best dressed each game, keeping you on your toes and always striving to look nicer?

You’re Welcome training staff - I bet you never thought you’d be this knowledgeable about concussions, noses and obscure foot injuries.

You’re Welcome student body - Once you graduate, you will never feel as short as you did when you were around the basketball team. Trust me, every time I go home I swear I have grown. Upon further review I am just hanging out with significantly shorter people, but nonetheless it is still a confidence booster.

If you want to thank us in person, be sure to come out to our Senior Day game against Holy Cross on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Go Pards!