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Something Moore -- 3 Steps to a Win

Feb. 14, 2011

The unpredictable nature of Patriot League basketball sure can be exhausting. I sometimes think watching from the sidelines has to be more draining than actually playing. As bad as the emotional roller coaster is for us players, I can't imagine how bad it must be for our mascot, the Leopard, who has to act like every bucket we score is the game winner and every foul we commit is the end of the season. But at the end of the day, whether you are a player, fan or mascot, things often just don't make sense.

With all of the chaos that is guaranteed weekly, I am sure fans in Easton and around the league are in search for answers. Fortunately, I have developed a comprehensive strategy to help determine the likely winner of any Patriot League matchup before the game has even started. In order to take advantage of this, a fan must closely pay attention to three crucial events leading up to the game.

First off is my blogging performance. Not to shed any more light on my current importance to the team as an injured player, but if you take time to notice, insights from my blog often directly affect the Leopards' on court performance. For instance, after blogging about my heroic efforts to retrieve Jim Mower's back up contact during the Colgate game, the team pulled through with a spirited victory over Navy three days later. After that, "bloggers block" got the best of me and my lack of blogs led to a two game losing streak. So, if game day comes and you are on the fence about heading down to Kirby Sports Complex, check out to see if my blog game is on point.

The second key component to my equation is pregame lay-up lines. To get the full effect of this event fans must show up to the game about one hour early. This will take a great amount of effort from a truly dedicated fan, but I assure you it is worth it. While everyone's performance is important, two key players to focus on are Les Smith and Ben Wheeler. If you witness these Leopards skying high for emphatic dunks as they do on occasion, the Leopards may be in for a good day.



Player introductions come as the final piece of the puzzle. The last thing before each game is the announcement of starting lineups and a team "pump up" huddle. For us, Tony Johnson and Darion Benbow usually captain our team's efforts with a stylish dance move or, for Darion, the always humorous Phil Jackson fist pound refusal. An extra oomph comes from our x-factor, J.D. Pelham, and his dance immediately following the starting lineups. While most teams may have flashier handshakes and chest bumps than the Leopards, no team's pregame huddle can rival ours, especially when J.D. is on top of his game performing his best dance moves or imitating his and Rob Delaney's favorite baseball player Wade Boggs hitting a home run.

These three essential elements can work as a prescription for the Patriot League madness that unfolds each week. You can think of this strategy kind of like the doubles point in a college tennis match: whoever wins two of the three doubles matches gets the doubles point, and therefore takes an early lead in the match. In this case, whoever performs better in two of the three elements of the pregame warm-up will step on the court with a frequently irreversible edge.