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Something Moore -- Catching Up With Marek Koltun

Feb. 1, 2011

Senior leadership was crucial to our run to the Patriot League championship game last season. Each senior contributed in his own unique way to a season that saw us come up just one game short of the NCAA tournament. Now Jeff Kari, Marek Koltun, and Michael Gruner have graduated and left to take on the challenges of the real world. During the long days of interim I took some time to catch up with each of them and will write a blog updating you on each of them. This blog will feature Marek Koltun, the gentle giant from Krakow, Poland.

Marek is one of the more entertaining people I have ever been around. He can't go anywhere without becoming the center of attention. When people interact with Marek, the first two things that come to their mind are "wow he is huge" and "what the heck did he just say?" Marek's size and Polish heritage make almost any situation he is involved in enjoyable.

Besides his perfect imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes, my favorite memory with Marek was during my freshman year when I went to McDonalds with him to get some "double cheesys" as Marek called a double cheeseburger. On the way in, a homeless man asked Marek for money, which we both guessed he was going to use to buy alcohol.

Instead of forking over some cash, Marek bought the man two double cheeseburgers. When we came outside, the homeless man angrily refused Marek's offer, clearly upset that it wasn't money. Needless to say, Marek wasn't very happy himself as he furiously responded, "Do not ask for money I get you cheesy". Whether the homeless man understood Marek's broken English or not, he knew that he was messing with the wrong Polish giant and quickly walked away.

On our team, as you might guess, Marek was an enforcer. The first time I attempted to block him out in a rebounding drill, Marek effortlessly tossed me to the ground leaving me with a black eye and much evaporated confidence. Having learned my lesson, this was also the last time I would cross paths with Marek in any rebounding situation. Instead, I would pray for a long rebound while witnessing Marek enforce his will on the inside.



Today, Marek still resides far from his home in Poland. Continuing his basketball career, Marek is living in England playing for Division-I Leeds Carnegie while pursuing a master's degree in International Business at Leeds Metropolitan University. I always had a feeling Marek would end up pursuing some kind of business venture. He always had a knack for wheeling and dealing with an especially strange affinity for eBay.

After he completes his masters he would like to get involved in the business world, particularly in the quickly growing economy of China. This news comes to the relief of those of us on the team who used to listen to Marek often say that his only plans after college were to "hustle and drive around in my Bentley". But with such a unique personality and a knack for the business world, I have a feeling that Marek's success in life may one day bring him his Bentley.