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Something Moore -- Catching Up With the Class of '10

Jan. 27, 2011

Senior leadership was crucial to our run to the Patriot League championship game last season. Each senior contributed in his own unique way to a season that saw us come up just one game short of the NCAA tournament. Now, Jeff Kari, Marek Koltun and Michael Gruner have graduated and left to take on the challenges of the real world. During the long days of interim I took some time to catch up with each of them. My next three blogs will be individual reports on each of last year's seniors and how they are holding up in the real world. This first blog will feature sharpshooting guard Jeff Kari from Lisle, Illinois.

As a co-captain last year, Jeff displayed a tough, physical style of play, complemented by his impressive shooting ability. One of my most memorable moments here at Lafayette was when Jeff went off for six seemingly consecutive threes against Lehigh on senior night. During my career I don't think I have ever seen a Leopard send our crowd into such pandemonium.

On our team, Jeff was known as by far the best dummy offense player any of us had ever seen. For those of you who don't know, every practice includes a significant chunk of time devoted to running our offense with no defense, hence the name dummy offense or dummy-o. Often times for players, besides running the offense correctly, the goal is to be the one to take the shot at the end of the play. Since pretty much everyone on our team loves to shoot, this isn't easy to achieve on a consistent basis. But somehow Jeff always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to take the shot. Whether there were a certain amount of passes we had to make or a certain way we had to score, Jeff was the one catching fire beyond the arc. In my first two years, I aspired to be the type of dummy-o player Jeff was. The way he weaseled his way into taking the shot nearly every time was something that I am still trying to emulate.



Today, Jeff continues to wow the crowd in the same way he did so effortlessly here at Lafayette. His shooting ability that was so fluently displayed in Leopard basketball practices and games has earned him the nickname "Cash" on the streets of New York City. Playing in both a corporate league and an Urban League, Jeff's current style of play is one that most college players envision basketball being like after college: never venturing inside the three-point arc for any reason other than to shoot a free throw.

Besides basketball, Jeff is finding success in his new job with Guardian Insurance Company. Like most recent graduates who are employed, Jeff is very thankful to have an opportunity to prove himself in the real world. As a very independent person, I have always trusted that Jeff will make good decisions. I was temporarily taken aback when he told me he was now a vegetarian, however, when he mentioned that he was rooming with a recent University of Texas graduate, I forgave him and my faith in his judgment returned. Whether he is eating meat or not, Jeff's hard nosed leadership will no doubt serve him well in the highly competitive business world of New York City.