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Something Moore -- Helping Hand Edition

Jan. 15, 2011

I had one of the better games of my career this past Wednesday against Colgate. In fact, I was quite surprised that the Lafayette Sports Network staff members did not choose to interview me after the game instead of Jared Mintz. Sure Jared had 21 points, six rebounds, four assists and became only the 36th player in Lafayette history to amass over 1,000 points in a career, but if you really go back and break down the tape, you will discover that I was indispensable.

Dressed in street clothes and still suffering from lingering symptoms of a concussion, I arrived at the game without any idea how important my role would be. My opportunity came less than a minute into the game when I heard my roommate Jim Mower scream at me in an incoherent dialect that was pure Mower-speak. If you've been around Jim in a basketball setting, you know that he has a habit of inventing his own language when things get heated.

On the bench, everyone had their own interpretation of what Jim actually said. Some thought he was blaming me for the three-pointer he just missed, while others thought he was still upset that I woke him up when leaving the room earlier that morning. When he was taken out of the game, he came over to me and, after a few attempts, calmly communicated that he needed me to go get him an extra contact because the one in his right eye had fallen out.

With a quicker first step than John Wall, I was out of the gym and on my way up to our dorm before anyone even realized I was gone. Taking Coach O's advice that "brain power without will power is no power," I willed myself through a blizzard to our dorm and then back to Kirby Sports Center in what had to be one of the fastest contact supply runs in Lafayette history.

Upon my arrival, Jim was anxiously waiting outside the gym as a few worried fans looked on from a distance, checking in on their favorite redheaded Leopard. Once I delivered the contact, I was shocked by the reactions of the Leopard faithful. Instead of returning to a heroes welcome, I was berated as I heard murmurs that included, "He's here, finally" and "it's about time". Needless to say, I now know the type of disappointment van Gogh must have felt on his deathbed.



What happened after this was simply a product of my willingness and sheer determination. Jim took off in the second half scoring all of his 17 points that included an emphatic dunk in traffic. As impressive as it all was, none of it could have been done without his contact. But, despite all of my efforts, Jared and his 1,000 points took all the shine on Wednesday. Let's just hope he is never in the need for a new contact during a game.