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Something Moore -- Snow and Ice Edition

Jan. 10, 2011

The snow has been a little bit too much for this Texan to handle during the past few days. I know that this snow is "soft" compared to what usually comes down, but this is the first time I've actually had to try to drive in it. Most of my teammates are veteran drivers in this stuff. Jim Mower and Nick Petkovich often had to drive through blizzard like conditions to get to school Philly and D.C. Likewise, I am sure Jake Kreuser had to do the same, as he proudly describes his frigid state of Minnesota as a "winter wonderland."

In my life, I haven't had to drive in anything worse than a bad rainstorm or a little ice. Just the other day I was brushing the snow off of my car with my bare hand, which quickly became numb, as I wondered how on Earth people who had to do this every day still had hands. Fortunately a sympathetic bystander had seen enough of my circus act and loaned me his snow scraper. Before he could ask what on earth I was doing, I pointed to my Texas license plate and no further explanation was needed.

In Texas an inch of ice on the roads is enough to cancel school for three days, so naturally, when I went to prep school in western Massachusetts I had no idea what I was getting into. The first day we had a major snowstorm I looked outside my window and immediately went back to bed, assuming school was cancelled. It wasn't. Later that day, still very confused, I asked one of my teammates if we practiced on days when it snowed. After two straight weeks of snow, I realized that these people were professionals, and handling these "Nor'easters" was second nature to them.

Having said this, life in the northeast isn't completely invincible to Mother Nature's abilities. This was the case for the seven players, three coaches, one trainer, one professor and three Leopard media personnel who traveled from Lafayette to Spokane, Wash. for our game against Gonzaga on December 29th.



Learning that their flight out of Philadelphia was cancelled due to a massive blizzard, they left Easton on a charter bus at 9 p.m. and drove six hours to catch a flight out of Pittsburgh at 8 a.m. the next morning. The team caught a couple hours of sleep on the bus in a Pizza Hut parking lot, boarded the flight at 8 a.m., and arrived in Spokane in time for a 7 p.m. practice. I think it was a day they will all remember for a long time.

For the rest of the team, traveling was not so difficult. I had no trouble making my way from balmy Austin to Spokane. So, while many of you may enjoy some laughs about my inability to properly rid my car of snow, I hope you now realize that I have had some laughs of my own.

See you at our Patriot League home opener against Colgate on Wednesday!