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Something Moore -- Jambo! to Africa

Andy Moore

Jan. 5, 2012

Jambo! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a happy New Year. Hopefully 2012 has plenty of wins in store for the Leopards. Unfortunately, the New Year is going to start off with some bad news from Something Moore. Back in September when I was forced into an early retirement by my everlasting concussion issues, I decided to take walk on the wild side and sign up for an off-campus interim Africa (which is the reason for the Swahili version of "hello" at the onset of this blog).

Now I know this probably isn't the ideal time to leave as the Patriot League season draws near, but my childlike obsession for animals, mainly simba (lions), and the great outdoors made it impossible to pass on the opportunity. While I am fairly confident the team will be able to produce without me, there are a couple of things I worry about over the next two weeks.

First is the chemistry at the end of the bench. While at home for New Year's, I was able to watch a few of our games on and couldn't help but notice the lack of energy and chemistry at the end of the bench. The end of the bench plays a crucial role in games, as we are responsible for maintaining the balance of "playing" (also known as "yelling at") the refs, with Coach O' never failing to hold up his side of the bench. I'm considering lobbying to the coaches to keep Tony Johnson on the sidelines until I get back solely for this reason.

The second reason I am worried about my departure is the effect it will have on pre-game rituals at Kirby Sports Center. For a typical home game, I will arrive at the gym a few hours early to work out my pre-game jitters with a solid walk/jog on the treadmill (don't laugh, it's still all I can do). After my workout I head up to the locker room, at which time the team is usually on the court, so I take advantage of the empty room and blast some Willie Nelson country music. After a short time Coach O' comes in to use the white board and get ready for the game, usually visibly taken aback by the changeup in music genres. But while he may not admit it, I am convinced the soothing voice of Texas's finest eases Coach O's nerves as game time approaches. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he puts some Willie on his IPod while I'm gone...



I wish the best to my teammates over the next two weeks. I hate missing games, but I am sure the team will be fine without me. Before I sign off, I would like to relay one of Coach O's Swedish sayings to the team: När katten är borta which means, "when the cat is away, the mice will dance on the table" but I would prefer to translate it to mean, "when Something Moore is away, please get some wins." See y'all in two weeks, Go Pards!

P.S. I'm sorry I couldn't translate that saying into Swahili, it wasn't provided on my useful Swahili words worksheet. Instead, I will leave you with something that is provided: Kwaheri wazungu or "goodbye white tourists."