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Something Moore -- Holiday Edition

Jan. 1, 2011

It is always a great relief to have finals over with. During finals week sleep is rare and the demand for caffeine is about as high as the demand for oil these days. The most frustrating thing about finals week is running into the freshmen on our team.

Freshman year finals are usually not as demanding as they are for upperclassmen, but the freshmen always think they have it so rough. Stressing over five-page papers and half-hour tests, they act like the weight of the world has been lifted from their shoulders when they are done, which is usually before most people are even half way through their week.

During finals week, Jack Detmer walked around panicked like the results of his finals would determine if he was allowed to go home or not. Witnessing this really makes me wish I could pursue a major in intro courses.

Then you have people like JD and Levi who only see the light of day during finals week to test if their hydrogen fueled race car is functioning properly. I ate with JD during finals and he informed that he had been up for 24 straight hours, somehow avoiding the temptation to bring his pillow and sleep in the engineering building like some of his classmates.

Now everyone is done and back at home for our brief winter break. Some guys, like me, rarely get to go home during the year, so our few days at home are cherished. Besides seeing family and friends, I am mostly enjoying the change of climate. Recently, in Austin, it was in the mid-sixties, but soon dropped all the way to 52, prompting firewood sales will go through the roof. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, see you on January 5 vs. Columbia!