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Extra Innings - Bakersfield Recap

March 22, 2011

And I'm back. As Shea said in the last blog, Froio took some shots at both of us, but that's probably just because of his "Napoleon Complex." Who can blame him? It's not easy being 5-7. Anyway, after our series against Cal State Northridge, we played a four-game series at Cal State Bakersfield.

This place was a 100 percent turnaround from Northridge. It literally felt like we were in the middle of Texas. There was nothing around except for open fields, oil rigs and Hooters. As far as the games, Bakersfield was a good team. They have been ranked 30th in the country, and we played them tough in two of the four games, though we lost those two games, 2-1 and 12-6. It seemed as though that most of the time when we were right in the game, we ended up making mistakes and giving them runs instead of making them earn it. It was still a good experience, and it was good to see that we can hang in with a nationally-ranked team.

As far as the whole trip goes, we learned a lot as a team. We learned that we can, in Coach Kinney's words, "bear down and stick our noses in there" when it really matters and that we can compete with anyone. On another note, Saturday's game was the first game this trip we didn't balk. Congrats Pitchers! This week, we also came up with some new rally tactics such as the Rally Ears (see photo), which seemed to work until the umpire started telling us that what we were doing was a distraction to the other team. If it was such a distraction, then don't look at us. It's that simple.

As far as the night life went on this trip, it mainly consisted of playing Mario Kart and NBA Hang Time on Jack Rems' Nintendo 64. The winners of the Hang Time tournament were Gus (Alex Bechta) and Shea, and the best at Mario Kart, needless to say. was none other than myself. Someone please challenge me.

One of the nights a bunch of us went to Chipotle. This could have been the best decision we made all trip. I know both Gus and I spent $23 apiece and then followed it up with milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A afterwards. This is the definition of well-spent meal money. On another night, the upperclassmen selected the walk-up songs for the freshmen, which was a tradition that was started last year. I know they are all so eager to find out what we picked.



By the end of the trip, I think it is safe to say that everyone was glad to leave California and head back to the east coast. The worst part about this trip is that we had to take the red-eye flight home. Our flight left at 10:10 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday night, and we didn't get back to Lafayette till around 8 a.m. Eastern Time on Sunday morning. A flight like that gets even worse when the kid sitting in front of you leans the chair all the way back and gives you no leg room. Thanks bro, I appreciate it.

This week we play a Wednesday game at Wagner followed by a home-and-home series against in state rival Penn. It's our first home game on Saturday, so come out and support. Tune in next week for the weekend recap and some more team drama. Who knows who is going to write the blog next week? Seems to me that Shea will have "too much work to do" and Froio, much like the Bloodhound Gang, is probably a "one-hit wonder", so I'll probably end up gracing all of you with my presence once again. Until then, Roll `Pards.

- A.J.