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2017 Friends of Football Donor List

Leadership Gift --   ANONYMOUS
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Philip D. Bollman Jr. '60 and Mrs. Bernice Hilberg Bollman
Leadership Gift --   Mr. John T. Bourger '71 and Ms. Selena Vanderwerf
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Matthew M. Curcio   '00
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Doug Cherry '58 and Mrs. Conny Cherry
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Thomas J. Feehan Jr. '79 and Mrs. Cecilia J. Brickerd
Leadership Gift --   Mr. James R. Fisher '77 and Mrs. Tracey S. Fisher
Leadership Gift --   Mr. John J. Fistner Jr. '00 and Trisha Fistner
Leadership Gift --   F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Peter C. Gummeson   '80 and Susan Gummeson
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Allen S. Haddad '78 and Mrs. Janet M. Haddad
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Stuart J. Hinchen and Mrs. Leanne J. Hinchen
Leadership Gift --   Mr. William M. Houldin Jr. '58
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Michael T. McClintock   '71 and Linda McClintock
Leadership Gift --   Ms. Brenda Bourger McGinley and Anthony McGinley
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Joseph Moglia
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Mark   Mulholland '81 and Mrs. Ann Mulholland
Leadership Gift --   Mr. James W. Muntz '73
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Francis L. Mustaro   '72 and Kathryn Radcliffe
Leadership Gift --   Mrs. Frances B. Nikles   '60
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Robert E. Sell '84 and Mrs. Susan J. Sell
Leadership Gift --   Dr. Marion M. Vujevich   '60 and Barbara Vujevich
Leadership Gift --   Mr. Philip D. Wolfe '57 and Mrs. Joanne D. Wolfe

Blue Chip Club -- Dr. Edward E. Baker Jr. '70 and Constance Baker Blue Chip Club -- Mrs. Kimberly A. Beasley Blue Chip Club -- Mr. John K. Bennett '77 and Faith Bennett Blue Chip Club -- Dr. Brent C. Beyer '80 and Ms. Rhonda M. Beyer Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Kenneth L. Brown '77 and Kimberly Brown Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Albert H. Caesar III '58 and Martha Caesar Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Joseph J. Coffey III '87 and Mrs. Kathryn Cesare Coffey '87 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Joseph I. Davis and Mrs. Heather L. Davis Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Michael H. Davis '80 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Nicholas J. Del Pizzo III '90 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. John W. Devlin '56 and Suzanne Devlin Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Michael D. Donnelly and Mrs. Susan G. Donnelly Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Alfred E. Douglass III '63 and Jill Douglass Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Bradbury Dyer III '64 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. George J. Forrester and Mrs. Mary Anne Forrester Blue Chip Club -- Mr. James G. Fox Jr. '00 and Stephanie Fox Blue Chip Club -- John N. Franzese M.D. and Mrs. Anne Franzese Blue Chip Club -- Dr. Robert H. Graham '58 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Thomas A. Gray '70 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. D. Kirk Harman '77 and Sandra Harman Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Scott A. Heiser '00 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Thomas H. Heist III '61 and Karen Gartland-Heist Blue Chip Club -- Mr. H. Joel M. Hindelang '12 Blue Chip Club -- Rev. Robert A. Jacob '74 and Ms. Deirdre B. Jacob '74 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Edward A. Jesser III '68 and Peggy Jesser Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Christopher J. Jones Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Gary A. Kessel and Mrs. Debra G. Kessel Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Robert R. Lewis '71 and Mrs. Janet M. Lewis Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Robert J. Longo '63 and Andrea Longo Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Robert J. Longo Jr. '88 and Mrs. Marta Longo Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Robert S. Mahr '83 and Ms. Victoria Minturn Mahr '83 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. William E. McClure Jr. '63 and Ruth McClure Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Francis J. Minotto '71 and Mrs. Kathryn B. Minotto Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Thomas B. Moore and Mrs. Alessandra A. Moore Blue Chip Club -- Mrs. Norma R. Moss '57 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Dermot M. Murphy '79 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. James P. Nolan '74 and Susan Nolan Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Philip F. Noto '72 and Diana Noto Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Andrew G. Nygren '89 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. George T. O'Shaughnessy Jr. '77 and Mrs. Kathleen M. O'Shaughnessy Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Thomas D. Padilla '78 and Ms. Susan Heyser Padilla '78 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Franklin C. Phifer Jr. '72 and Laor Phifer Blue Chip Club -- Hon. Joel A. Pisano USDJ (Ret.) '71 and Elizabeth Pisano Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Karl W. Pusch '67 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Chad F. Ritchie '02 and Anna Kawa Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Mark R. Rothrock and Mrs. Jodi L. Rothrock Blue Chip Club -- Mr. James Shiffert and Mrs. Mary Shiffert Blue Chip Club -- Ms. Gillian T. Shipman and Christopher Shipman Blue Chip Club -- Mr. William R. Tucker '81 and Ms. Barbara Strasburg Tucker '84 Blue Chip Club -- Mr. Chad A. Williamson '00 and Mrs. Shaun S. Williamson
Leopard Circle -- Mr. David P. Bloys '61 Leopard Circle -- Dr. David E. Brougher '52 and Carole Brougher Leopard Circle -- David E. Brougher M.D. Leopard Circle -- Dr. Christopher J. Brown and Mrs. Debra Brown Leopard Circle -- Mr. Richard J. Budrow and Mrs. Joan E. Budrow Leopard Circle -- Mr. Robert J. Burcin '57 and Kay Burcin Leopard Circle -- Mr. Larry L. Cassel '61 and Cecily Cassel Leopard Circle -- The Hon. Craig A. Dally '78 and Mrs. Ann C. Dally Leopard Circle -- Mr. H. Blair Daugherty '60 Leopard Circle -- Mr. Nathan M. Eisler and Mrs. Denise Eisler Leopard Circle -- Mr. Lawrence J. Gannon '68 and Linda Gannon Leopard Circle -- Mr. Joseph C. Gaziano '86 and Ms. Carolyn B. Gaziano '84 Leopard Circle -- Mr. Matthew R. Kulp '02 and Christina Kulp Leopard Circle -- Mr. Jeffrey A. Leonard '82 and Susan Montgomery Leonard Leopard Circle -- Dr. Judson C. Linville '79 and Mrs. Cynthia Oaks Linville '80 Leopard Circle -- Mr. David B. Littman '70 Leopard Circle -- Mr. Quincy L. Miller '97 and Jenna Miller Leopard Circle -- Mr. Michael A. Monteleone '87 and Chris Chung-Eun Leopard Circle -- Mr. Robert Moore '55 Leopard Circle -- Mr. W. Jerry Reed Leopard Circle -- Mr. Walter A. Scott '59 and Mrs. Catherine R. Scott Leopard Circle -- Walter A. and Mary Catherine Scott Foundation Leopard Circle -- Mr. Barry C. Shabbick '71 and Mrs. Laurie J. Shabbick Leopard Circle -- Mr. William E. Shook '68 and Mrs. Miriam D. Shook Leopard Circle -- Mr. Russell M. Smith '57 and Virginia Smith Leopard Circle -- Mr. Richard R. Smith '80 and Esther Smith Leopard Circle -- Mr. William A. Sprecher '71 and Mrs. Lynn M. Sprecher Leopard Circle -- Mr. Daniel Staudle and Mrs. Alana L. Staudle Leopard Circle -- Mr. Adam S. Stauffer and Mrs. Erin Stauffer Leopard Circle -- Mr. Robert E. Stewart '78 and June Stewart Leopard Circle -- Mr. John W. Sullivan II '73 and Marguerite Sullivan
Varsity Club -- Mr. Steven D. Berkowitz '04 and Ms. Angela M. Coxe '03 Varsity Club -- Mr. Stephen T. Bono '05 and Andrea Bono Varsity Club -- Mr. Christian F. Bormann and Mrs. Holly Bormann Varsity Club -- Mr. John A. Broderick '78 and Mrs. MaryBeth M. Broderick Varsity Club -- Mr. John R. Brown III '64 and Janice Brown Varsity Club -- Mr. Steven L. Bull '76 and Marcia Bull Varsity Club -- Dr. Joseph E. Calhoun '83 and Christina Calhoun Varsity Club -- Mr. John Michael Chuma Jr. and Mrs. Lisa A. Chuma Varsity Club -- Mr. Ryan C. Cimo '98 and Brenda Cimo Varsity Club -- Mr. Clyde B. Crebs '63 and Barbara Crebs Varsity Club -- Mr. Edward S. DiSalvo '72 and Beth DiSalvo Varsity Club -- Mr. Nathan J. Dixon '11 Varsity Club -- Dr. Frank M. Downing '51 and Marilyn Downing Varsity Club -- Mr. James D. Flanigan Jr. '81 and Ms. Bernadette Maher Flanigan '81 Varsity Club -- Mr. Michael C. Fox '99 and Amy Fox Varsity Club -- Mr. William P. Gano III '57 Varsity Club -- Mr. John M. Garrett Varsity Club -- Mr. Timothy E. Gerhart '80 Varsity Club -- Gen. Alfred M. Gray Jr. '50 and Jan Gray Varsity Club -- Mr. S. Scott Grieser and Mrs. Sherry A. Grieser Varsity Club -- Mr. James M. Hancik '99 and Alicia Hancik Varsity Club -- Mr. George G. Hoolahan '51 and Doris Hoolahan Varsity Club -- Mr. Robert P. Howard '61 and Marjorie Howard Varsity Club -- Mr. Glenn T. Hunzinger '96 and Kathleen Hunzinger Varsity Club -- Mr. Robert S. Kempton '63 Varsity Club -- Mr. Sean D. Kron '93 and Amy Kron Varsity Club -- Dr. E. Gary Lamsback '76 and Mrs. Mary Lamsback Varsity Club -- Mr. Joseph M. Lane '73 and Ms. Linda N. Arra '74 Varsity Club -- Mr. Douglas R. Lewis and Mrs. Justina R. Lewis Varsity Club -- Mr. James A. Lyttle '62 and Marie Lyttle Varsity Club -- Mr. Timothy B. McAndrew '81 and Mrs. Connie A. McAndrew Varsity Club -- Dr. Edward D. McCormick '71 and Kathleen McCormick Varsity Club -- Mr. George A. Mitchell III '75 and Ms. Marsha Montgomery Varsity Club -- Mr. George G. Mrazek and Mrs. Leslie A. Mrazek Varsity Club -- Mr. John C. Orrico '78 and Maureen Orrico Varsity Club -- Mr. David E. Pacewicz Varsity Club -- Mr. Richard J. Palumbo Varsity Club -- Mr. David P. Pletcher '78 and Sun Ae Pletcher Varsity Club -- Mr. Theodore F. Raffetto '77 and Penny Raffetto Varsity Club -- Mr. David A. Reifsnyder '72 and Laura Reifsnyder Varsity Club -- Mr. Rodolfo A. Rodriguez and Mrs. Maria D. Rodriguez Varsity Club -- Dr. Laurie B. Samet '79 and William Goodwin Varsity Club -- Mr. Robert J. Sikora '67 and Mary Kay Sikora Varsity Club -- Mr. Gregory R. Slonaker '79 and Mrs. Anne D. Slonaker Varsity Club -- Mr. Henley L. Smith '51 and Bernardine Gill Smith Varsity Club -- Mr. Charles M. Snyder '78 Varsity Club -- Mr. Edward K. Stahl '83 and Barbara Stahl Varsity Club -- Mr. George L. Tiger Sr. '57 and Carol Tiger Varsity Club -- Mr. Charles G. Treloar '59 Varsity Club -- Mr. Gary J. Uzelac '80 and Carrie Uzelac Varsity Club -- Mr. Walter J. Zataveski and Mrs. Lori A. Zataveski
Coaches Club -- Mr. Alan M. Alvarez '63 and Sandra Chatfield Coaches Club -- Mr. Wade C. Anastor and Mrs. Susan K. Anastor Coaches Club -- Mr. Victor Angeline III '78 and Janet Angeline Coaches Club -- Victor Angeline, III, Esq. Coaches Club -- The Hon. Russell W. Annich Jr. '63 and Wendy Matthews Coaches Club -- Mr. Paul R. Barnett Jr. and Mrs. Kimberly M. Barnett Coaches Club -- Mr. Warren R. Bechtel '58 Coaches Club -- Mr. Richard S. Beltram '73 Coaches Club -- Mrs. Janice A. Billick '63 Coaches Club -- Mr. Sanford B. Bing '60 and Mrs. Iris B. Bing Coaches Club -- Lt. Col. Michael J. Blaine USMC (Ret.) '76 and Beth Blaine Coaches Club -- Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Bloom and Helen Bloom Coaches Club -- Mr. Barry I. Bregman '77 and Ms. Barbara Fox Bregman '76 Coaches Club -- Mr. Jeffrey L. Burger '72 and Elizabeth Burger Coaches Club -- Mr. Frank Campbell Jr. '74 Coaches Club -- Mr. Robert J. Clifford '84 and Nora Clifford Coaches Club -- Mr. Henry Corigliano Jr. '76 Coaches Club -- Mr. James A. Coscia '15 Coaches Club -- Mr. John M. Coutinho and Dr. Brenda G. Coutinho Coaches Club -- Dr. Megan Goff Davidson '96 and Michael Davidson Coaches Club -- Dr. Annette Diorio Coaches Club -- Mr. Nathan R. Dixon and Mrs. Patricia M. Dixon Coaches Club -- Mr. Ralph O. Doederlein Sr. '55 and Mrs. Elizabeth Doederlein Coaches Club -- Mr. Edward B. Dufton '69 and Harriet Dufton Coaches Club -- Dr. Keith A. Earle Sr. and Dr. Angela R. Hughes-Earle Coaches Club -- Mr. Gerald L. Facciani '68 and Bebe Facciani Coaches Club -- Mr. Bruce S. Ferretti '87 and Mrs. Susan Ferretti Coaches Club -- Mr. James F. Finnen and Beatrice Finnen Coaches Club -- Mr. Walter G. French '59 and Mrs. Dorothy W. French Coaches Club -- Mr. Ralph B. Garrison '80 and Patricia Battaglina Garrison Coaches Club -- Mr. John C. Gearhart '68 and Patricia Gearhart Coaches Club -- Mr. Michael M. Getz '84 and Lynn Getz Coaches Club -- Mr. James L. Gover and Mrs. Sandra M. Gover Coaches Club -- Mr. George F. Groves '53 and Mrs. Maureen S. Groves Coaches Club -- Mr. Robert S. Gursky '62 and Carol Gursky Coaches Club -- Mr. David M. Hansen '80 and Ms. Regina Zevas Hansen '80 Coaches Club -- Mr. Joseph W. Harpster '73 and Ms. Carol Pescatore Harpster '75 Coaches Club -- Mr. H. Eugene Harrison '54 and Beatrice Harrison Coaches Club -- Mr. William R. Hedden Jr. '67 and I. Christine Hedden Coaches Club -- Mr. Howard N. Heller '65 and Mrs. Pamela Heller Coaches Club -- Mr. Robert S. Heppe Jr. '70 and Gaylene Heppe Coaches Club -- Mr. Christopher B. Holland '04 and Monica Holland Coaches Club -- Mr. John J. A. Hossenlopp II '61 and Patricia Hossenlopp Coaches Club -- Ms. Leslie Ann Howard '76 and Rick Stulgaitis Coaches Club -- Mr. Michael W. Hromyak '71 and Mary Lou Hromyak Coaches Club -- Mr. Bryant C. Ibekwe '01 Coaches Club -- Mr. Richard C. Ill '65 and Celeste Ill Coaches Club -- Mr. H. Scott Johnston '67 Coaches Club -- Mr. Michael Joseph '88 and Ms. Christine Alfieri Joseph '88 Coaches Club -- Mrs. Liliana R. Kareem Coaches Club -- Mr. David G. Kenepp '72 Coaches Club -- Dr. Robert E. Kessler '60 and Mrs. Susan K. Kessler Coaches Club -- Mrs. Suzanne C. Kinard '52 Coaches Club -- Hon. John F. Kingfield '59 and Kathleen Kingfield Coaches Club -- Dr. William Joseph Krywicki '72 and Nancie Krywicki Coaches Club -- Mr. Serge Labudev and Mrs. Nataliya Zaika Coaches Club -- Mr. Michael J. Lawler '72 Coaches Club -- Mr. Richard N. Lettieri '69 and Mary Jane Lettieri Coaches Club -- Mr. Roberto L. Lonardo and Mrs. Tammy K. Lonardo Coaches Club -- Mr. Stephen R. MacCorkle '81 and Andrea MacCorkle Coaches Club -- Mr. W. Robert Magee Sr. '47 and Elma Jane Magee Coaches Club -- Mr. Peter A. Marinaro '75 and Mrs. Shelley R. Marinaro Coaches Club -- Mr. John M. Marotti and Mrs. Lori A. Marotti Coaches Club -- Mr. Edward S. Meadowcroft '55 and Penny Meadowcroft Coaches Club -- Mr. William L. Messick '68 and Nancy Messick Coaches Club -- Mr. Richard K. Mika '72 Coaches Club -- Mr. Richard J. Mohr Jr. '82 and Mrs. Debra A. Mohr Coaches Club -- Mr. Gary M. Molchan '70 and Deborah Molchan Coaches Club -- Mr. Paul R. Monsees '78 and Cathy Monsees Coaches Club -- Mr. R. Mihran Mooradian '56 and Ovsanna Mooradian Coaches Club -- Mr. Alfred K. Nicholas Jr. '50 and Barbara Nicholas Coaches Club -- Mr. Thomas R. Odjakjian '76 and Ani Odjakjian Coaches Club -- Mrs. Elizabeth Ohnegian '60 Coaches Club -- The Hon. Stanley R. Ott '71 and Judith Ott Coaches Club -- Mr. Jacob A. Papay Jr. '82 and Kathy Jo Papay Coaches Club -- Mr. Robert G. Plangemann '72 Coaches Club -- Mr. J. Thomas Rennert '60 Coaches Club -- Mr. Steven P. Root and Mrs. Susan L. Root Coaches Club -- Dr. Paul S. Rosen '82 and Dr. Sheri G. Rosen Coaches Club -- Mr. Thomas A. Ruddy '92 Coaches Club -- Mr. Eduardo E. Sanchez-Diaz '05 and Mrs. Kelli C. Sanchez '07 Coaches Club -- Mr. Michael A. Schmidlein '11 Coaches Club -- Mr. Karl R. Schroeder '49 and Marion Maxcy Coaches Club -- Dr. Samuel R. Selzer '63 and Cereda Selzer Coaches Club -- Mr. Richard C. Shupp Jr. '67 and Zenaida Shupp Coaches Club -- Mr. Marvin D. Snipes '07 and Mrs. Stephanie D. Snipes '05 Coaches Club -- Mr. Patrick Spang and Ms. Kimberly A. Spang Coaches Club -- Mr. Robert J. Szuhany '06 Coaches Club -- Mr. Christopher A. Thatcher '86 and Mrs. Judith K. Thatcher Coaches Club -- Mr. George F. Tinker '57 and Judith Tinker Coaches Club -- Mr. Robert W. Trecartin '68 and Joyce Trecartin Coaches Club -- Mr. Thomas C. Tremblay '74 and Charity Arnold Tremblay Coaches Club -- Mr. Vince F. Villani '62 and Gail Villani Coaches Club -- Mr. James Gibson Watson III '77 and Robbie Baxter Coaches Club -- Mr. James F. Wild Sr. '58 Coaches Club -- Mr. Gerald W. Wilkins '68 and Kathleen Wilkins Coaches Club -- Mr. Christopher J. Yaniger '68 and Marilyn Yaniger Coaches Club -- Mr. John W. Young '74 and Mrs. Marcia B. Young
Maroon Club -- Mr. Edward W. Ahart '69 and Mrs. Catherine F. Ahart Maroon Club -- Mr. Dennis E. Barry '63 Maroon Club -- Mr. Richard B. Batts '56 and Mary Batts Maroon Club -- Mr. John C. Becica '69 Maroon Club -- Mr. Christopher Bellucci '93 Maroon Club -- Mr. Chester A. Benash '73 and Kathleen Benash Maroon Club -- Mr. George J. Benson '61 Maroon Club -- Mr. Charles M. Berger '65 Maroon Club -- Mr. Jon H. Best Jr. '80 and Ms. Marie Puglia Best '82 Maroon Club -- Capt. Andrew E. Bisset '67 and Nancy Bisset Maroon Club -- Mr. John W. Black Jr. '75 and Elizabeth Black Maroon Club -- Mr. Frederick D. Brown Jr. '89 and Mrs. Julie E. Brown Maroon Club -- Mr. Gordon R. Brown '57 and Delia Brown Maroon Club -- Mr. Frank M. Calizzi '64 and Sandra Calizzi Maroon Club -- Mr. James S. Collins Jr. '62 and Sherry Collins Maroon Club -- Dr. Christopher T. Cosgrove '10 Maroon Club -- Mr. Louis G. Coxe and Mrs. Carol Ann Coxe Maroon Club -- Mr. Thomas N. Crouse '77 and Joanne Crouse Maroon Club -- Mr. John W. Davies '78 and Sharon Davies Maroon Club -- Mr. Malcolm J. Davis '53 and Ilene Davis Maroon Club -- Mr. Joseph A. Delorie '69 and Russella Ann Harris Delorie Maroon Club -- Mr. Barry C. Dobil '00 and Ms. Lindsay Brown Dobil '01 Maroon Club -- Mr. Kenneth S. Dolph '48 and Johanna Maria Dolph Maroon Club -- Mr. Daniel J. Donnelly '85 and Jennifer Donnelly Maroon Club -- Mr. C. Michael Donnelly Jr. '72 and Mary Donnelly Maroon Club -- Mr. Daniel T. Everett '80 and Karen Everett Maroon Club -- Mrs. Jane S. Fleck '52 Maroon Club -- Mr. Calvin K. Flury Jr. '66 and Pennie Jo Flury Maroon Club -- Mr. Richard C. Galbally '76 and Mary Galbally Maroon Club -- Mr. Gordon S. Gibson '59 and Rita Gibson Maroon Club -- Mr. Robin Neil Haberle Maroon Club -- Mr. Douglas A. Hobby '61 and Virginia Hobby Maroon Club -- Mr. Raymond R. Huber Jr. '51 and Marie Huber Maroon Club -- Dr. Nicholas Kowgios '85 and Mrs. Kathleen Kowgios Maroon Club -- Dr. James F. Krivoski and Ms. Donna L. Krivoski Maroon Club -- Mr. Stewart N. Kupfer '02 and Kim Kupfer Maroon Club -- Mrs. Joanne L. LaBarre '58 Maroon Club -- Mr. Eli D. Lambert III '83 Maroon Club -- Mr. Edwin C. Landis Jr. '56 Maroon Club -- Mr. Andrew J. Mirabito '72 and Laura Ann Mirabito Maroon Club -- Mr. James M. Montgomery Jr. '62 and Nancy Montgomery Maroon Club -- Dr. Thomas F. Moyer '60 and Judith Leister Maroon Club -- Mr. Matthew J. Potter '07 and Mrs. Erica A. Potter Maroon Club -- Mr. Marc D. Quilling '11 and Brittni Quilling Maroon Club -- Mr. James A. Renitsky '06 and Shannon Renitsky Maroon Club -- Mr. Edward W. Roebuck '80 and Ms. Valerie Roessle Roebuck '79 Maroon Club -- Mr. Myron A. Savacool '58 and Dorothy Savacool Maroon Club -- Mr. E. Martin Shane '63 and Patricia Shane Maroon Club -- Mr. John L. Squarcia '69 and Mary Squarcia Maroon Club -- Mr. Jeffrey M. Stark '63 and Patricia Stark Maroon Club -- Mr. Theodore J. Veresink '68 and Rosemary Veresink Maroon Club -- Mr. Ernest L. Vorpahl '95 Maroon Club -- Mr. Michael J. Weber '80 and Kyle Weber Maroon Club -- Mr. Brian M. West '13 Maroon Club -- Mr. Curtis M. Wilson '04 and Amy Wilson Maroon Club -- Mr. Edward C. Yakobitis Jr. '72 Maroon Club -- Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Yarberough and Elizabeth Yarberough Maroon Club -- Mr. Richard L. Zanewicz '64 and Cheryl Zanewicz
Fan Club -- Christopher David Amill Jr. Fan Club -- Izaiah Leroy Avent Fan Club -- Mr. Merle D. Bainbridge '60 and Alberta Bainbridge Fan Club -- Ryan A Barnett Fan Club -- Mr. Richard J. Bartel Fan Club -- Jacob Garrick Bissell Fan Club -- Beau Anthony Bosch Fan Club -- Mr. Kieran A. Both '84 Fan Club -- Colin James Bradley Fan Club -- Demetrius S Breedlove Fan Club -- DeSean N Brown Fan Club -- Brandon Jose Bryant Fan Club -- Kaizer Terrel Butler Fan Club -- Mr. Matthew S. Calhoun '99 and Kathy Calhoun Fan Club -- Ryan Joseph Chenoweth Fan Club -- Mr. Luke M. Chiarolanzio '15 Fan Club -- Andrew Todd Chuma Fan Club -- Mr. Robert Kirkwood Colton Sr. '67 and Marcia Colton Fan Club -- Jeffrey Joseph Conn Fan Club -- Trent Michael Crossan Fan Club -- Mr. Jordan W. Cullinane '08 Fan Club -- Mr. Darrell A. Daman '03 Fan Club -- Joshua Samuel Davis Fan Club -- Mr. Patrick De Michele '59 and Jean De Michele Fan Club -- Troy Thomas Dixon Fan Club -- Michael Thomas Donnelly Fan Club -- Mr. Michael Dulac '63 and Shannon Dulac Fan Club -- Michael William Dunn Fan Club -- Mr. Kenneth A. Dynan '64 and Celeste Dynan Fan Club -- Keith Anthony Earle Jr. Fan Club -- Mr. Benjamin G. Eaton Jr. '12 Fan Club -- Mr. George F. Edelman '59 and Mildred Edelman Fan Club -- William Matthew Eisler Fan Club -- Angus Kain Evans Fan Club -- Nicholas John Franzese Fan Club -- Mrs. Denise J. Gaffney and James Gaffney Fan Club -- Mr. Case G. Garner '13 Fan Club -- Mr. Edward T. Gillespie '54 and Phyllis Anne Gillespie Fan Club -- Anthony Angelo Giudice Jr. Fan Club -- Christopher Granjean Fan Club -- Logan Scott Grieser Fan Club -- Stewart Andre Hackleman Fan Club -- Robert Bradley Hinchen Fan Club -- Mr. Justin A. Hinds Fan Club -- Kevin Joseph Hutchinson II Fan Club -- Tymir Elijah Jones Fan Club -- Termaine Julian Jordan Fan Club -- Dr. Dennis M. Kashurba '71 and Marsha Kashurba Fan Club -- Mr. Herbert Kennedy III '03 Fan Club -- James Tanner Kern Fan Club -- Mr. Thomas E. Kocis '88 Fan Club -- John Robert Lamb Fan Club -- Mr. Rand Sherman Lewis '17 Fan Club -- Michael Warren Lewis Fan Club -- Mr. Nicholas G. Lezynski Fan Club -- Jacob Patrick Liedtka Fan Club -- Dante Vittorio Lonardo Fan Club -- Mr. Richard E. Markovich '75 and Anna Markovich Fan Club -- Jacob Michael Marotti Fan Club -- Mr. Michael R. Marshall '92 Fan Club -- Austin Bradford McCrum Fan Club -- Mr. Douglas A. McFadden Fan Club -- Mr. Eric M. McGovern '10 Fan Club -- Rajhan Meriwether Fan Club -- Blake J Meyer Fan Club -- Mr. Anthony A. Miller '89 Fan Club -- Eric Alton Mitchell Jr. Fan Club -- Ryan Matthew Monteyne Fan Club -- Thomas C Moore Fan Club -- Matthew George Mrazek Fan Club -- Dylan James Murphy Fan Club -- Mrs. Tina M. Nase Fan Club -- Mr. Joel L. Nemec '73 and Norma Nemec Fan Club -- Mr. Bradley S. Newman '78 and Cynthia Newman Fan Club -- Mr. Marc A. Nudelberg Fan Club -- Mr. Joseph F. Ort '06 Fan Club -- Mr. Christian A. Pace Fan Club -- Matthew Rocco Palumbo Fan Club -- Phillip B Parham Jr. Fan Club -- Nicholas Jordan Pearson Fan Club -- Mr. Joseph Michael Person '72 and Claudia Person Fan Club -- Mr. Edwin J. Phelps Jr. '56 Fan Club -- Jerry Hiram Powe Jr. Fan Club -- Lavel Dueshan Ramsey Jr. Fan Club -- Mr. John J. Raymond '05 Fan Club -- Collin Robert Raysor Fan Club -- Liam Christian Reedy Fan Club -- Mr. Kevin T. Reese '08 Fan Club -- Rev. Daniel D. Ressetar '51 and Theodora Prislopsky Ressetar Fan Club -- Mr. Christopher J. Roberts '92 and Melinda Roberts Fan Club -- Col. David J. Robertshaw '68 Fan Club -- Ollis Saxon Robinson Fan Club -- Michael Thomas Root Fan Club -- Jacob James Rose Fan Club -- Matthew M Rothrock Fan Club -- Clayton Demar Rush Fan Club -- Mr. Gordon R. Sammis Fan Club -- Michael Philip Shiffert Fan Club -- Parish E Simmons Fan Club -- Cameron B. Smith Fan Club -- Dmitry Malik Smith Fan Club -- Mr. John W. Sommers Jr. '71 and Mrs. Patricia B. Sommers Fan Club -- Julian Bryant Spigner Fan Club -- Mr. Samuel D. Stuart '13 Fan Club -- Yasir Thomas Fan Club -- Mr. Luke E. Thompson Fan Club -- Colin W Thorne Fan Club -- Mr. Barry H. Todd '65 and Patricia Jones Todd Fan Club -- Mr. Anthony Tomljanovic '90 and Kimberly Tomljanovic Fan Club -- Mr. Gunnard W. Twyner Fan Club -- Samuel Vale Fan Club -- Ms. Deelia A. Wadsworth Fan Club -- Dylan Avery Wadsworth Fan Club -- Mr. Gene W. Weidemoyer '68 and Vicki Weidemoyer Fan Club -- Mr. R. Matthew Welch III '12 Fan Club -- Tyler Matthew West Fan Club -- Cole J Whalen Fan Club -- Mr. Daniel W. Yankovich '74 and Veronica Yankovich Fan Club -- Kevin Michael Zataveski