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Friends of Lafayette Football Bylaws


SECTION 1. NAME. The organization shall be named the Lafayette College Maroon Club Friends of Football, hereafter referred to as the FRIENDS.

SECTION 2. OBJECTIVE & PURPOSE. The objectives of the organization are to provide incremental funds for the football program of Lafayette College, as well as friendraising through associated activities. These incremental funds will be used to support the football program at a level higher than would otherwise be possible without outside financial support. The FRIENDS will not participate financially in the recruitment of any potential athlete or aid financially any current athlete of Lafayette College.

SECTION 3. METHOD OF OPERATION. The FRIENDS will be managed by a Steering Committee and will work closely with the Director of Athletics, Head Football Coach, the development office staff liaison and the Executive Director of the Maroon Club.


SECTION 1. QUALIFICATIONS. Any person may become a member of the FRIENDS by joining the Maroon Club during the fiscal year and making a contribution to the FRIENDS in the minimum amount required, as established by the Maroon Club Executive Committee.

SECTION 2. ANNUAL MEETING. An annual meeting will be held each year for all members. The date, time and location of the meeting shall be set by the Steering Committee and made known to all members in advance. Details of the annual meeting agenda will be announced in a publication of the FRIENDS.

SECTION 3. PRIVILEGES. Privileges of membership shall include the right to vote at the annual meeting, the right to hold office if qualified (see Article III), and other privileges as established by the Steering Committee.


SECTION 1. STEERING COMMITTEE. The Steering Committee shall be comprised of the five elected officers and additional members of the FRIENDS, and shall include the Director of Athletics, the Head Football Coach, the President of the Maws and Paws, and a staff liaison appointed by the Office of Development and College Relations. The Steering Committee and its duly appointed officers and other officials herein provided for shall serve until the next scheduled election of officers is conducted. To qualify to serve on the Steering Committee the candidate must be a member of the FRIENDS in good standing, and be nominated by the staff liaison. The Steering Committee shall hold periodic meetings. All members will be notified in advance of date, time and location of all Steering Committee meetings.

SECTION 2. ELECTED OFFICERS The Officers shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary. The officers will be elected from the Steering Committee by a majority vote of the Steering Committee and shall serve for a term of two (2) years. A. Chairperson 1. Shall provide the leadership to carry out the objectives and purpose of the organization, and shall foster participation and cooperation with the other elected officers and members. 2. Will preside at all meetings and carry out the duties generally ascribed to this office. 3. Will provide an annual report of FRIENDS activities to the Maroon Club Executive Committee. 4. Subject to approval of the Steering Committee, the Chairperson will appoint all Standing and Special committees as needed. 5. The Chairperson will be an ex-officio member of all FRIENDS committees. B. Vice Chairperson 1. Shall carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson in his or her absence, including presiding over Steering Committee and other meetings. C. Treasurer 1. Shall work with the Director of Athletics to draft and review the annual budget, and provide budget reports at each meeting of the Steering Committee and at the annual meeting. D. Secretary 1. Will be responsible for taking minutes at all Steering Committee meetings. 2. Will issue timely distribution of the minutes to members of the Steering Committee 3. Will maintain permanent records of the FRIENDS. E. Assistant Secretary 1. Shall carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary in his or her absence, including recording and distributing of meeting minutes. F. The Steering Committee may, in regular session, elect from its membership a replacement for an officer who has resigned from the Steering Committee, or to fill a vacancy created by other circumstances.

SECTION 3. QUALIFICATIONS. A candidate for office shall have been a member for at least one year prior to the time of nomination. No member shall hold more than one office at a time. SECTION 4. NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS. A Nominating Committee shall be composed of two members at large, the Chairperson of the FRIENDS, the Head Football Coach and the staff liaison. The Nominating Committee will report its recommendations for the slate of officers prior to each scheduled election. The proposed slate of Officers will be voted upon at the annual meeting. Recommendations may be received by the Nominating Committee in writing from any active FRIENDS member for any position. SECTION 5. TERMS OF OFFICE. The term of office for Steering Committee Members will commence at the close of the annual meeting and will run for two (2) years. The term of office for Officers will begin at the close of the annual meeting in which their election was held, and run for 2 years.


SECTION 1. GENERAL The fiscal year of the FRIENDS shall begin July 1 and end June 30 of the following year.

SECTION 2. ACCOUNTABILITY The financial activities of the FRIENDS will be in full compliance with all Lafayette College and NCAA rules. All revenues and expenditures will be accounted for as part of the College’s normal accounting procedures and will be subject to the normal institutional audit. All proposed major capital projects to be funded by FRIENDS support must first obtain the appropriate approvals form the President and/or Board of Trustees prior to commencement of the project. The FRIENDS purposes, policies, activities, and finances are in all regards and at all times under the ultimate control of the President of the College.

SECTION 3. SOLICITATIONS Consistent with the Objective and Purpose of the Friends of Football as stated in ARTICLE I. SECTION 2. “to provide incremental funds for the football program of Lafayette College, as well as friendraising through associated activities,” Steering Committee members are encouraged to solicit financial contributions, personal involvement and other sponsorship commitments to support the football program. Solicitation efforts by Steering Committee members are a critical component of the fundraising objective of the Friends of Football and are essential to the mission of the organization. Solicitation requests for contributions may be done through in-person contact, by telephone, through use of electronic media such as email, or by letter. Contributors resulting from any such solicitations will be directed to send their contributions directly to the Development Office. In the event a Friends of Football Steering Committee member receives a contribution directly, that member will send said contribution to the Development Office as soon as possible.

SECTION 4. INCOME All funds received by the FRIENDS will be deposited and recorded in a designated Maroon Club Football account by the College’s development office. The use of all FRIENDS funds, except those needed to operate the FRIENDS shall be limited to support of the College’s football program. All financial transactions shall be reviewed by the Treasurer and noted in the required reports of the Treasurer.

SECTION 5. EXPENSES The College will pay all FRIENDS operations as long as there is a positive fund balance in the FRIENDS account at the College. The Director of Athletics or delegate, the Head Football Coach and the Treasurer will meet with the FRIENDS Steering Committee and propose a budget prior to the start of each fiscal year. The Steering Committee will, by vote of its members, approve the proposed budget. The officers of the Steering Committee shall approve any distribution of unbudgeted funds. The final distribution of funds will be published and presented for all members at the Annual Meeting

ARTICLE V. COMMITTEES SECTION 1. COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS. Committees, whether standing or ad hoc, will be composed of a Committee Chair and one or more members appointed by the Steering Committee Chairperson.

ARTICLE VI. MEETINGS SECTION 1. The Chairperson shall call at least two meetings per fiscal year to include the annual meeting. Other meetings will be called as needed. SECTION 2. A quorum of 7 members of the Steering Committee is required to convene a meeting and conduct business. All actions voted upon must pass by a majority vote. SECTION 3. The Steering Committee shall have the full authority for all members of the FRIENDS. All actions taken shall be reported promptly to all members.