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The Real Deal

Even a year later, Matthew Cortese still feels the pain of unexpectedly losing one of his lifelong friends, Eddie Blatz Jr. The details, kept private by Blatz's family, aren't important. What matters is that Cortese, who had gone to school and played sports with Blatz since kindergarten, has spent the last year doing his best to honor the friend he admired, the friend who made him laugh, the friend whose life ended too soon.
Kirsten Wilhelmsen sets herself apart in many ways. Star-studded play by the senior member of Lafayette's lacrosse team has earned national attention but the psychology major always has an eye on her studies. It's paid off. Wilhelmsen has earned Academic All-League honors each of the last two years and is likely head toward the same if not higher accolades this year. While she isn't certain what career path she wants to take - she has tossed around the idea of speech pathology - there's no question about what she's accomplishing when she's got her goggles on and a lacrosse stick in her hands.

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