Lafayette Women's Indoor Track & Field Captains
Season Captain(s)
1986-1987 Jayne O'Brien, Suzette Francois
1989-1990 Kris Williams
1990-1991 Penny Erisman, Mary Beth Towsend
1991-1992 Nathalie Marquis, Alyson Vassel, Sarah Washburn
1992-1993 Tinabeth Pina, Donna Sepulveda, Gwen Sowa
1993-1994 Shannon Brennan, Mary Deegan, Jeanine Sluck
1994-1995 Shannon Brennan, Heather Howlett, Jeanine Sluck
1995-1996 Stacy Durbin, Laura Lindquist, Amy Smith, Brenda Toma
1996-1997 Kate Detterline, Tonya Galgon, Laura Lindquist, Megan Smith
1998-1999 Megan Cooper, Kate Detterline, Susan Waters
1999-2000 Jodi Bruder, Kenda Roberts, Amy Lion
2000-2001 Catherine Carson, Ambyr Craw, Brooke Di Marco
2001-2002 Ambyr Craw, Lauren McHale, Katie O'Connor
2002-2003 Elizabeth Hallowell, Kim Miller, Jennifer White
2003-2004 Elizabeth Hallowell, Jeri Pelletier, Jennifer White
2004-2005 Deborah Fink, Devon Landers, Daria Szkwarko
2005-2006 Deborah Fink, Daria Szwarko, Hannah Tuson
2006-2007 Kristen Kalinowski, Amanda Lalley, Vanessa Youngs
2007-2008 Kristen Kalinowski, Katie Schultes
2008-2009 Jessica Buzzell and Vicky Melroy
2009-2010 Kerriann Borke, Rose Kennedy
2010-2011 Kerriann Borke, Margaret Bruno-Metzger, Kelly Clyde, Stephanie Hazlett
2011-2012 Adedayo Adu, Sarah Welsh-Huggins, Stephanie Hazlett
2012-2013 Elizabethann Coradino, Chelsea Marone, Kelly Senters, Gwen Steckel
2013-2014 Elise Buffinton, Rachel Pena, Rose Willey
2014-2015 Stephanie Benko, Haley Langton, Claire Murphy

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