Lafayette Men's Indoor Track & Field Captains

1974-1975Stan Ciemniecki
1975-1976Steve Feldman
1976-1977Mark Ziegler
1977-1978Fannon, Kobalczyk, Korkuch
1978-1979John Baker
1979-1980Pete Tunnell, Pete Sisti
1980-1981John Onnembo
1981-1982Al Cognigni, Kevin Rhodes
1986-1987Bob McGinty, John Monteleone
1990-1991Brian Manfield, Joe Samaritano, Joe Sluck
1991-1992Kyle Sell, Gary Sluck
1992-1993Brian Corcoran, Jason Knight, Warren Sayre
1993-1994Chuck Dodge, Marc Davis, Kevin Knight
1994-1995Harrison Bailey, Marc Davis, Chuck Dodge
1995-1996Larry Ellenburg, Dan Murdock, Brian Rodowicz, Mike Smith
1996-1997Rodney Bronson, David Robinson, Matt Rutt
1998-1999Rodney Bronson, Mike Morin, David Robinson
1999-2000Rick Craw, Brian Meyers, Jerry Terry
2000-2001Jim Fischer, Brian Meyers, Jon Smolenski
2001-2002Mark Brault, John Farkas, Jim Fischer
2002-2003Mark Brault, Reginald Clay, John Farkas
2003-2004Reginald Clay, Christopher Nixon
2004-2005Richard Jackson, Colin McDonough, Jonathan Rowe
2005-2006Jonathan Rowe, Jeffrey Sejour
2006-2007Stephen Ekema-Agbaw, Tyler Jones, Daniel Sheehan
2007-2008Daniel Sheehan, Alex Wechsler
2008-2009Kyle Clayton, Seamas McGuire
2009-2010 Kyle Clayton, Seamas McGuire, Ryan Stasiowski
2010-2011Matt Crystal, Ryan Stasiowski, Michael Thompson
2011-2012Michael Thompson, Michael DiPietro, Dayne Mosconi
2012-2013Nick Hepp, Dayne Mosconi, Nick Orzol

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