Team Results

Licensed to Loyola University Maryland     HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 3.0 10/27/2012
             Loyola vs Lafayette, Seton Hall, Drexel - 10/27/2012              
                      Dual Meet Scores - Through Event 32                      
            Lafayette Swimming  163.50    131.50 Drexel University             
             Loyola University  174.00    120.00 Drexel University             
         Seton Hall University  183.00    111.00 Drexel University             
             Loyola University  169.00    130.00 Lafayette Swimming            
         Seton Hall University  205.00     94.00 Lafayette Swimming            
         Seton Hall University  182.00    116.00 Loyola University             
             Drexel University  220.00     80.00 Lafayette Swimming            
             Drexel University  170.00    118.00 Loyola University             
             Drexel University  165.50    132.50 Seton Hall University         
             Loyola University  172.00    122.00 Lafayette Swimming            
         Seton Hall University  194.00    106.00 Lafayette Swimming            
             Loyola University  147.00    141.00 Seton Hall University         

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