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Fencing Takes Part in NIWFA, MACFA

March 4, 2015

EASTON, Pa. – Members of the Lafayette fencing team competed in the NIWFA and MACFA Championships over the weekend. The women placed seventh in the NIWFA, while the men took eighth in the MACFA.

In the women’s foil competition, Julia Sheng and Colleen Way placed fourth in their respective pools. Way won a bout in the knockout portion of the event and finished seventh overall in the foil. Sheng went on to place 14th, helping the group place fourth in the foil competition.

Haley Mauriello finished second in the epee Pool C, winning 13 bouts. Costanza Davis won 10 bouts to place fifth in Pool B. Mauriello ended up finishing 12th overall in the epee, followed by Davis in 14th.

On the men’s side, David Shindell led the way in the epee, taking second on Strip B with 10 wins to advance to the elimination bracket. David Jennings won eight bouts in the C Strip, while Dan Robitzski came up with five wins in the A Strip.

Jake Burns was the high finisher in the saber, winning six bouts. Phil Manna advanced to the knockout stage of the competition in the foil, winning nine times in the round robin portion.

The Leopards are back in action this weekend at Duke in the NCAA Regionals. In the men’s sabre Alexander Gorloff and Burns both qualified, while Robitzski, Shindell, Jennings and Conrad Stoerker have qualified with Jacob Mickey serving as a first alternate. Manna and Timothy Gaziano have both qualified in the foil and Brandon Smith and Joshua Kwak will be alternates. On the women’s side Sheng and Andie Mitchell will compete in the foil, while Mauriello has qualfieid in the epee.