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Answers to frequently asked questions covering GoLeopards.com, the subscription-based All-Access and GoLeopards.com Digital Media. Please submit a question if yours isn't answered below.

Who runs GoLeopards.com?
The official website of the Lafayette Leopards is operated and maintained by Lafayette's Office of Athletic Communications & Promotions. Lafayette College is a member of the CBS College Sports Network.

What browsers work best to view GoLeopards.com?
GoLeopards.com is optimized for the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Safari.

What screen resolution is best to view GoLeopards.com?
A screen resolution of at least 1024x768 is preferred to view the site. This allows the user to view the entire width of the site without scrolling horizontally. Higher screen resolutions make even more of the site visible.

How do I change my screen resolution?
PC users:

  • Right-click on your desktop and select "Properties."

  • A new window displaying several tabs will appear. Select the tab called "Settings."

  • In the next window, there should be a small box called, "Screen Area." In this box is a slider that allows you to adjust your screen resolution. Adjust the slider.

  • Click "OK."

  • A confirmation window will appear that reads, "Windows will now apply your new desktop settings...." Click "OK."

  • A new window, called Monitor Settings, will appear with a message that says, "Your desktop has been reconfigured. Do you want to keep these settings?" Click "Yes."

  • Your screen will flicker and perhaps go black for a second or two - don't worry. When it is done, your resolution - and your view - will be changed.

  • MAC users:
  • In the Apple Menu, select "Control Panels."

  • Select the control panel called, "Monitors" or "Monitors and Sound," then "Monitor."

  • Change resolution in box. Click okay.

  • Your screen might flicker and perhaps go black for a second or two - don't worry. When it is done, your resolution - and your view - will be changed.

How can I watch the videos on GoLeopards.com?
The videos play in Flash. Download the free Flash player here. For technical support, please click here.

How can I view the premium content on GoLeopards.com?
You may purchase a monthly or annual membership to All-Access. For more information, please visit the All-Access main page.

What is All-Access?
The premium multimedia site located at GoLeopards.com. Leopard fans can view official webcasts including games, press conferences, video features, interviews and archived footage in addition to listening to live game audio in one package.

How do I get help with my All-Access account?
CBS offers comprehensive assistance with your account including updates, cancellations and more. Please visit the All-Access Account Information Center.

How do I get tech support for All-Access?
CBS lists many solutions to typical problems users might experience with their specific computer setup. More than likely, the answer to your problem can be found at Frequently Asked Questions site.

How do I cancel my All-Access subscription?
You may cancel online or by calling toll-free at (800) 781-9444. Please have your account information ready.

How can I find information on broadcasts?
GoLeopards.com presents an informative page spanning all broadcast options for Lafayette fans including TV, radio, live statistics, live game audio, webcasts and more.

What if I see a mistake on GoLeopards.com?
Every attempt is made to present the most accurate information but, on occasion, mistakes do occur. Please send your feedback to alert us of the mistake.

Who do I contact for advertising or sponsorship opportunities?
Advertising and sponsorships are maintained by the Lafayette Sports Network. Contact LSN directly by emailing LSN@lafayette.edu or by calling (610) 330-5122.

Where can I view information on Lafayette camps and clinics?
Each sport's coaching staff runs their own camps and clinics. The coaching staffs are responsible for providing the latest information including dates, forms and brochures to GoLeopards.com. If information for a specific camp is not yet available, please check back at a later date.