Maroon Club General Fund

Make A Gift Now!

A gift to the Maroon Club can be directed to the General Fund and/or to a specific athletic program. A gift to the General Fund supports the following four core elements of Lafayette's 23 Division I athletic teams.

Common Support Programs

o Athletic Training Services
o Strength and Conditioning
o Maroon Club Bus


o Career Development
o Health and Nutrition
o Leadership Advancement

Marketing and Promotion

o Daily Maroon Club Email
o GameTracker

Alumni and Student Outreach

o Hall of Fame
o Golf Outings

If no gift to the Maroon Club General Fund (unrestricted) is made, then a restricted gift of more than $100 will have the first $50 go to the Maroon Club General Fund and the remainder go to the designated sport; a gift of $100 or less will have 50% go to the designated sport and 50% go to the Maroon Club General Fund.