"Friends of" Committees & Chairs

 "Friends of" Committee
 Chair(s) (email address)
 Baseball  Kevin McKernan '98 (kmck2424@aol.com)
 Men's Basketball  Mike Whitman '82 (mwhitman@newhopeventures.net)
 Women's Basketball  Amanda Leone '10 (leone@thsh.com)
 Field Hockey  Bill Rappolt '67 (rappolt1@verizon.net)
 Football  Fran Mustaro '72 (fmustaro@verizon.net)
 Golf  Allan Johnson '59 (awjchart@aol.com)
 Men's Lacrosse  Rob Constable '85 (rconstable3@yahoo.com), John Moser '81 (moserjohn@gmail.com),
 and Mark Enman '84 (mark_enman@hotmail.com)
 Women's Lacrosse  Cindy Linville '80 (cynthialinville5@gmail.com)
 Men's Soccer  Brian O'Reilly '90 (brian.oreilly@phly.com)
 Women's Soccer  Chair position available
 Softball  Chair position available
 Swimming & Diving  James Kugel '13 (kugelj13@gmail.com)
 Tennis  Jeff Callan '88 (jeffrey.callan@gmail.com)
 Track & Field/Cross Country  Angela Coxe '03 (ang004@rcn.com)
 Volleyball  Chair position available


Volunteer participation is key to the Maroon Club's success. You can become a Maroon Club volunteer by contacting Josh Azer, Executive Director of the Maroon Club, at azerj@lafayette.edu or 610-330-3116.