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NCAA Self Study
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Subcommittee on Equity and Student-Athlete Welfare

Leslie F. Muhlfelder, vice president for human resources and general counsel

George L. Bright, associate director of athletics
Andrew D. Brown '06, student-athlete (football)
Jodi A. Frey, assistant dean of students and director of recreation services
Dru Germanoski, Dr. Ervin R. VanArtsdalen '35 Professor of Geology and Environmental Geosciences and department head
J. Ronald Martin, professor of chemical engineering
Tammy A. Smith, head coach of women's basketball
Kevin D. Worthen, associate dean of students and director of student life administration
Samantha L. Ziegler '06, student-athlete (lacrosse)

Subcommittee on Governance and Rules Compliance

Steven M. Nesbit, associate professor mechanical engineering

Thomas H. Bruggink, professor of economics and business
Alan W. Childs, professor of psychology
James L. Dailey, head coach of men's and women's swimming and diving
David R. Johnson, associate provost and faculty athletic representative
Ian P. Law '06, student-athlete (baseball)
Kimberly A. Keenan-Kirkpatrick, associate director of athletics and senior women's administrator
Elaine R. Reynolds, associate professor of biology and chair of neuroscience.

Subcommittee on Academic Integrity

James P. Schaffer, director of engineering

Dan F. Bauer, professor of anthropology and sociology
Francis A. Benginia, registrar
Dennis L. Bohn, head coach of men's soccer
Michelle C. Geoffrion-Vinci, associate professor of foreign languages and literatures
Gladstone A. Hutchinson, dean of studies
Kaitlin M. Kokolus '06, student-athlete (basketball)
Barbara K. Lipkin, coordinator of Academic Resources Center
Ronald E. Robbins, associate dean of studies

Subcommittee Responsibilities
1. Review the NCAA certification handbook and the self-study instrument
2. Review institutional data relevant to the specific subcommittee assignment
3. Participate in data gathering from campus constituents relevant to the specific subcommittee assignment
4. Write the section of the Self-Study Report focused on the subcommittee's assignment, including plans for improvement where appropriate
5. Communicate appropriate progress on assignments at key intervals in the process
6. Maintain written records of subcommittee meetings, members in attendance, individuals responsible for writing the subcommittee report, and invitations to review the drafts of the subcommittees work