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NCAA Self Study
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Steering Committee

ChairBarry W. McCarty, dean of enrollment services
MembersAnn Carter, director of development communications (chief report editor)
 Roger B. Clow, director of college communications (coordinator of certification communication)
 Michelle C. Geoffrion-Vinci, associate professor of foreign languages and literatures
 Gladstone A. Hutchinson, dean of studies
 David R. Johnson, associate provost and faculty athletic representative
 Kimberly A. Keenan-Kirkpatrick, associate director of athletics and senior women's administrator
 James F. Krivoski, vice president for student affairs and dean of students
 Barbara Levy '77, vice chair of the Board of Trustees Committee on Athletics and Student Affairs
 Bruce E. McCutcheon, director of athletics
 Leslie F. Muhlfelder, vice president for human resources and general counsel (chair, NCAA Self-Study Subcommittee on Equity and Student-Athlete Welfare)
 Steven M. Nesbit, associate professor mechanical engineering (chair, NCAA Self-Study Subcommittee on Governance and Rules Compliance)
 James P. Schaffer, director of engineering (chair, NCAA Self-Study Subcommittee on Academic Integrity)
 Daniel H. Weiss, president
 Carolyn Schlie Femovich, executive director of the Patriot League (ex-officio)

Steering Committee Responsibilities

1. Review the NCAA certification handbook and self-study instrument
2. Develop the Self-Study plan and timetable
3. Collect and organize data by soliciting assistance from instrumental personnel in best position to provide an accurate and effective response
4. Coordinate the activities and monitor the process of the subcommittees, insuring opportunities for input from appropriate campus constituent groups and appropriate involvement of committee members in the preparation of committee reports
5. Review institutional, Peer-Review Team and Committee on Athletics Certification reports of Lafayette's first-cycle Self-Study in order to judge progress and respond to issues related in the current self-study
6. Review the reports provided by the steering and subcommittees
7. Maintain written record on the dates on which steering committee and subcommittee meeting took place, those in attendance at meetings, individuals responsible for writing different sections of the self-study report and the invitations, including dates, extended to members of the steering committee and subcommittee to review the drafts of the report
8. Produce and distribute the first self-study report