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NCAA Self Study
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Self Study Schedule

November 2004
Steering Committee chair appointed by President Rothkopf
Steering Committee members appointed

January 2005
Orientation videoconference by James Bandy, NCAA Certification Coordinator; meeting with Steering Committee, subcommittee chairs, and chief report editor

December 2004 through February 2005
Subcommittees collect data, review previous reports, develop written response to self-study questions

March and April 2005
Subcommittees develop responses to operational principles and plans for improvement

May 2005
Steering Committee reviews draft sections and circulate for comment
Steering Committee reviews plans for improvement submitted by subcommittees

June 2005
Prepare Self-Study Report draft

June and July 2005
Circulate Self-Study via Lafayette website for feedback

August 2005
Steering Committee review of feedback for integration into final report

September 2005
Prepare final Self-Study Report for review

October 15, 2005
Self-Study Report due to NCAA

January 2006
Initial NCAA Committee of Athletic Certification (CAC) review

February 1-3, 2006
Evaluation visit

April 2006
Final CAC review