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NCAA Recognizes the Academic Success of Lafayette Men's Basketball Team

Nov. 8, 2007

EASTON, Pa. - The Lafayette men's basketball team received the NCAA Public Recognition Award for recording an NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate in the top 10 percent of all men's basketball teams. Lafayette College was recognized by the NCAA for recording an 83 percent graduation rate, 20 percent better than the average federal graduation rates of all student-athletes.

The data was collected from students entering Lafayette in 2000. Members of the Patriot League conference have scored at least 20 percent better than the national average graduation rate of student-athletes who have entered school from 1997-2000.

The women's basketball team was one of 14 other Patriot League squads to have a perfect 100 percent graduation rate for the fall class of 2000.

Overall the Division I graduation rate for student-athletes in the fall of 2000 was 63 percent, topping the national average for all students. Army and Navy were excluded from the student-athlete data because neither offer athletics aid.

The graduation rate is determined by comparing the number of students who entered a college or university and the number of students who graduate within six years. The graduation rate is the percentage of freshmen who entered during a given academic year and who graduated within six years.