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Metzgar Fields Athletic Complex

EMERGENCY PERSONNEL: Certified athletic trainer and student athletic trainer(s) on site competitions and most practices; otherwise coach certified in First Aid /CPR; MD on site for Basketball competition.

EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION: Phone in McCracken field house center hallway, athletic training room or cell phone.

EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT: Supplies (AED, splint kit, oxygen, spine board) maintained in Sports Medicine Facility.


1. Immediate care of the injured or ill student-athlete

2. Call Staff Athletic Trainer (if available)

3. Emergency equipment retrieval

4. Activation of emergency medical system (EMS); Call 911 and request an ambulance

5. Direction of EMS to the scene
a. Open appropriate gates; know current gate code
b. Designate individual to "flag down" EMS and direct to scene
c. Scene control: limit scene to first aid providers and move bystanders away from area.

VENUE DIRECTIONS: The Metzgar Fields Athletic Complex is located in Forks Township across from the Forks Diner on Sullivan Trail. --- Then direct specifically to the field/area where injured person is.