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Kamine Gymnasium

EMERGENCY PERSONNEL: Certified athletic trainer and student athletic trainer(s) on site competitions and most practices; otherwise coach certified in First Aid /CPR; MD on site for Basketball competition.

EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION: Campus phone located in main hallway with emergency instructions posted above. Also Kirby Athletic Training room or athletic offices, if open.

EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT: Supplies (AED, oxygen, splint kit, spine board) maintained in Sports Medicine Facility; AED also accessible at Fitness Center main desk.


1. Immediate care of the injured or ill student-athlete

2. Call Staff Athletic Trainer (if available)

3. Emergency equipment retrieval

4. Activation of emergency medical system (EMS); Call 911 and request an ambulance

5. Direction of EMS to the scene
a. Open appropriate doors
b. Designate individual to "flag down" EMS and direct to scene
c. Scene control: limit scene to first aid providers and move bystanders away from area.

VENUE DIRECTIONS: Kamine Gym at Kirby Sports Center is located on Hamilton Street. The nearest cross street is Pierce. The EMS entrance for varsity athletic activities in Kamine Gymnasium is on Hamilton Street, across from Monroe Street.