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Maroon Club Membership Dues

Maroon Club membership dues are covered one of two ways:
1) All gifts $100 or less designated to a sport will have 50% of the gift go to the sport and 50% cover Maroon Club membership dues.
2) All gifts over $100 will have the first $50 cover Maroon Club membership dues and the remainder to the designated sport.

Membership dues benefit each of Lafayette's 23 varsity sports in several ways:

* MAROON CLUB STRENGTH CENTER - The facility was made possible through Maroon Club membership dues as were the renovations in 2002.

* ASSISTANT STRENGTH COACH - Membership dues fund the stipend for the Assistant Strength Coach position which works with each of Lafayette's 23 sports.

* FINANCIAL AID - Membership dues annually provide $50,000 toward the athletic department's financial aid pool.

* NEW VISUAL IDENTITY PROGRAM - Membership dues covered all expenses associated with the creation of the new identity program.

* ATHLETIC COMMUNICATIONS INTERN - Membership dues fund the stipend for one of the Athletic Communications Assistants who handle all communications (web site, game programs, press releases, game management assistance, etc.) efforts for several sports.

* MAROON CLUB MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - The Maroon Club membership dues cover administrative expenses for the Maroon Club and the Friends of groups, including the design, printing and postage costs associated with mailing the Maroon Club solicitation brochure, which benefits all sports.