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Back In Beijing - 2008 Olympics Blog Report #10

Aug. 23, 2008

Hi Gang,

It's almost time to return home. In three weeks I think I've had two days off, but ain't complaining. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be my third. These Games have had it all... and I feel lucky and very blessed to have been allowed to be a small part of them.

Because the burn-out factor is running high, I'm relying on the writing of others to fill the void of Report #10. I hope you don't mind.

Here are some actual announcements heard on the public address system at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium one day before the rhythmic gymnastics competition began there. The so-called announcer claims to have received the rehearsal script about five minutes before the first practice read for BOB (Beijing Olympic Broadcast), and claims he had no choice but to read the words "as are:"

"Beijing 2008 requests that you please be quiet during the competition. Thank you for your cooperation."

"located inn the southeast of Beijing University of Technology, the Gymnasium covered an construction area of more than 20,000 m2 with more than 7,000 spectator seats the main body of the roof is of prestressed suspendome structure, which is the biggest span of the structure in the world."

"Please direct your attention to the video screen for the process of holding Beijing Olympics."

"ladies and gentlemen, welcome you to the Beijing Technology gymnastium to enjoy the 29th Olympic Games Rythmic Gymnastic competition. Today is ___, the ___ play day of Beijinng Olympic Games.There are ___ gold medals in the past days. CHN ranked 1st by now, ** gold medals in lump, USA ranked 2nd, ** gold medals in lump. GBR ranked 3rd.

"ladies and gentlemen,rhythmic gymnastics is managed by the federation of international gymnastics which is founded in Belgium in 1881. The FIG has another 6 gymnastics items.Now let us watch a video cllip to know more about it."

"Ladies and gentlemen, you may have discovered the elegence and fierceness of Rhythmic Gymnastics..."

"In today's group all-around final ,you will be the wonderful performance from 8 teams including china. Every move in the performance has standard we will introduce more about these disiplines."

"Lori Fung from Canada was the first rhythmic gymnast to win an Olympic gold medal. Six individual champions and three group champions were produced since. Today, a new olympic champion will be born let us witness this historical moment."

"Thank you for your outstanding performance. Please now leave the Field of Play."

"We would like to thank the judges for all their had work. Now the judges will leave the Field of Play."

"The today's competition have been complete. Thanks for watching."

-- Dan