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Policies and Procedures

1. Student athletic trainers require no previous experience but do require an ability to learn quickly and take directions willingly.

2. Student athletic trainers must be able and willing to work afternoons, evenings, and weekends and occasionally travel with athletic teams.

3. Student athletic trainers must have respect for each athlete's right to confidentiality. Any breach of this confidentiality to parents, peers, coaches, or press WILL result in immediate dismissal.

4. Student athletic trainers will be given a work schedule at least two weeks in advance. It is the responsibility of student trainers to check their work schedule. Any substitutions must be arranged by the student and approved by Stephanie Conley. If the replacement person misses work, the original person scheduled is still responsible for covering the time slot. If absolutely unable to fill the work schedule, or in emergency situations, the student must notify Stephanie Conley at least 24 hours in advance either at work, home, or on cell. Failure to cover scheduled events will result in a probationary period. A second offence will result in dismissal.

5. Student athletic trainers are responsible to complete their time cards at the end of each day of work. Hours not recorded when time sheets are due will not be submitted.

6. DRESS CODE: It is preferred that students wear plain t-shirts or collared shirts and non-jean pants or shorts to practices. Game attire will be discussed with student trainers by staff athletic trainer prior to event.

However, it is MANDATORY that tennis shoes or other such functional shoes be worn. ABSOLUTELY NO sandals, open-toed shoes, high heels, or cowboy boots, skirts, half shirts or halter-tops may be worn. A professional environment should be strived for at all times, this includes the way we are dressed. Student workers will be sent home to change clothes without pay, if attire is deemed unacceptable.

7. Students will be asked to bring rain gear and warm clothes in preparation for extreme weather conditions. Every attempt will be made to provide warm clothes when unexpected weather conditions arise, but students should be prepared for any and all types of weather at all times.

8. Student athletic trainers may be required to attend bi-monthly meetings and in-services pertaining to work. Meetings time and dates -- TBA.

9. Student athletic trainers are asked to remember that during games and practices the athletes are there for a purpose; therefore, socializing with the athletes during such times (student athletic trainer work hours) should be avoided. Please remember also the coaches' focus is typically the task at hand, particularly during games. Please exercise appropriate decibel levels to your conversations and interactions.

10. The position of student athletic trainer is open to all students regardless of race, religion, gender or age. In general, seniors will not be encouraged to apply for first time positions due to lengthy training sessions involved.

11. PAYROLL: Student Athletic Trainers will be paid according to the College pay scale. Students eligible for federal work-study must meet with a financial aid officer before payroll can be submitted. Other students are to report to Human Resources in Markle Hall to fill out the necessary paperwork. The pay period is monthly.