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Student-Athlete Information

In order to be cleared to participate in any Lafayette College varsity athletic program the following criteria must be met:

1. Physical Examination (Forms must be returned by July 15)
a. Freshman/Transfer Student-athletes: A full pre-participation physical performed by their family physician is required prior to their first practice; once on campus, these student-athletes will also meet individually with Dr. Goldstein to review their medical history.
b. Returning student-athletes: Must fill out an updated medical history questionnaire annually.
c. All medical history information is reviewed by the sports medicine staff for clearance for participation.

2. Insurance Coverage (Must be returned by July 15)

All students are required to have medical insurance. Student-athletes will not be allowed to practice or compete without proof of adequate medical insurance. Please check with your insurance company to verify that you will be adequately covered while away at college and that athletic injuries are not excluded from your policy. We have found that most out-of-area HMO insurance companies only provide limited benefits for acute emergency situations and your family may want to consider purchasing the Security Mutual health insurance policy offered through the College.

Lafayette College carries a secondary accident policy through CIGNA Insurance for all intercollegiate athletes at no charge to the student-athlete. Your personal insurance will be the first company expected to pay for bills resulting from an injury. If there are expenses not covered by your insurance, the College's CIGNA policy will pay the outstanding balance over a $500 deductible. This deductible is reduced dollar-for-dollar by payments made by your insurance company and the deductible is eliminated in most cases. Please refer to Bailey Health Center's insurance page for details on submitting student-athlete insurance claims.

A "Participant Accident Claim Form" must be submitted to the Director of Health Services as soon as possible after an injury. To qualify for payment under the CIGNA policy, the first expense must be incurred within 26 weeks of the injury and all expenses must be incurred no later than three years after the injury. In order to process payments, CIGNA Insurance requires two documents for every charge- an itemized bill from the health care provider and an "Explanation of Benefit" report from the student-athlete's insurance company. The responsibility for compliance with these deadlines and documentation requirements rests entirely with the student-athlete.

For more information about this process please Click Here.

3. Pre-participation Screening/Administrative Forms

All student-athletes will meet with the sports medicine staff annually. Student-athletes will be informed of scheduled sport meetings through their respective coaches. The pre-participation screening will consist of height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate; administrative forms including: assumption of risk, authorization of release of medical information, helmet assumption of risk (where applicable), and confirmation of insurance and health history.


All athletically-related injuries must be reported to a staff athletic trainer as soon as possible, either on-site or immediately after practice/competition. All severe injuries will be evaluated, managed, and referred to the team physician. Upon completion of a rehabilitation program, the team physician will determine when the athlete may safely return to their sport.

Our Sports Medicine staff consists of not only campus Athletic Trainers, Nurses, and physicians, but also with specialists in the area that we have developed extensive relationships- some of whom volunteer their time to come on campus for clinical evaluations. These relationships enable us to manage every injury as expeditiously as possible. Although these clinical services are provided to you as a Lafayette student-athlete, you always have the option of seeking medical advice beyond our network. However, in the event you seek medical care outside our network of providers, it is your responsibility to keep the sports medicine staff informed of your treatment. Maintaining open communication among all involved ensures thoroughness of care and, in turn, streamlines the return to unrestricted participation in your sport.


The team physician will diagnose and treat all serious injuries and is solely responsible for the student-athletes safe return to activity. Other health care professionals may prescribe treatment for student-athletes but the team physician is the only person who can clear an injured student-athlete for return to practice and competition.


RESOURCE EXCHANGE CENTER For more information about nutritional supplements and NCAA banned substance, follow the link or contact the Resource Exchange Center (REC) toll free at 877-202-0769. The REC is funded by the NCAA to provide a confidential resource for student-athletes and athletics staff that have questions regarding nutritional supplements.


Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS): Coming Soon

Patello-Femoral Syndrome (PFS): Coming Soon

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear: Coming Soon

Ankle Sprain: Coming Soon


Equipment may be loaned to you over the course of your treatment for an athletic injury. The team physician or staff athletic trainer will determine when it is no longer necessary for you to use the equipment that was issued to you. It is your responsibility to return the equipment to the athletic training room in the same condition it was loaned to you. If you do not return the equipment or it is damaged beyond normal usage you will be billed accordingly.

Equipment Available: Crutches Ace wrap TENS unit Sling Knee Sleeve Post-op brace Knee immobilizer Knee harness

(Medical Health History, Emergency Notification and Insurance Waiver, Immunization Form)
SPORTS MEDICINE FORMS (Returning Student-Athletes)
(Medical Health History, Emergency Notification and Insurance Waiver,


Easton Radiology: Take Pierce St. two blocks to Cattell St. Make a right on Cattell St. and follow down College Hill to the traffic light (road becomes N. 3rd St.) and continue straight on N. 3rd St. to the traffic circle. Go one quarter turn around the circle and take a right onto Northampton St. Follow Northampton St. to 21st. Make a left on 21st and make your next right onto Ferry St. (Easton Radiology; 610-923-7884)

MRI of Easton: Follow Cattell St. down College Hill and make a right onto 22W at the traffic light at the bottom of College Hill. Follow 22W to the 25th St. exit. Make a right onto Rt. 248 at the end of the exit. Follow 248 approx. 1.75 miles and make a right on Kingston Rd. MRI of Easton will be on your right (2690 Kingston Rd. 610-258-4055)

MRI of Bethlehem: Take 22W to Rt. 512 exit. Make a right on 512N and follow to second traffic light. Make a right on Highland Ave. (95 Highland Ave.; 610-691-8931)


Easton Office (400 S. Greenwood Ave.; 610-515-8080): Take 22W to 25th St. Exit. Make a left on 25th St. and proceed south. Make a right on William Penn Highway and follow to Greenwood Ave. Make a right on Greenwood Ave. and go approximately one quarter mile mile to the blue-glass building on your left. Enter the parking lot and proceed to the rear of the building.

Bethlehem Office (2775 Schoenersville Rd.; 610-860-8080): Take 22W to the Schoenersville Rd. exit. Make a left onto Schoenersville Rd. and follow to the second traffic light and make a right on Macada Rd. Make your first left into parking lot. Enter through Side A of the building.

Ambulatory Surgical Center (2310 Highland Ave.; 610-691-4300): Take 22W to Rt. 512 exit. Make a right on 512N and proceed to Highland Ave. Make a right on Highland Ave. Follow Highland Ave. and go straight at stop sign. Make your first right into center.