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Athletic Training Room Guidelines


  • Athletic Training Rooms are coed; appropriate dress & language is expected
  • No cleats or equipment at any time
  • No self-treatment; be sure a Staff Athletic Trainer sees all injuries and wounds daily
  • The Athletic Training rooms are very busy environments; be considerate of where you place your belongings, paying special attention to causing trip hazards
  • We employ a number of students as student workers; although they are your peers in general, they are here to do a job. Please be considerate of that, and treat them in their work environment as you would any staff member
  • If you're loaned anything by the Sports Medicine Staff (braces, wraps, crutches, stim units, etc) they must be returned. Any item not returned in a timely fashion will be billed to your account.


  • Medical bills you incur are your responsibility; see the flow chart you were given at your pre-season screening for a detailed explanation of the medical bills submission process

  • You recently completed an Emergency Contact and Insurance Information questionnaire, where you (or your parents on your behalf) provided us with your current insurance coverage information. You should keep in mind that it is not unusual for your insurance coverage to change due to the policy holder (typically one or both of your parents) changing jobs, moving, etc. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your insurance coverage with your parents, and remember to immediately inform the Sports Medicine Staff of any changes in your insurance coverage that occur at any time of the academic year. This is especially important for those approaching the age of 21, those studying abroad in the fall, and those who have previously changed their course load to part-time, as coverage may have changed. Simply enough, it is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance coverage is current, and in turn to inform the Sports Medicine Staff of any such changes.


  • Rehabs are by appointment only. Please be considerate and call ahead if you cannot keep your appointment. Those showing up past their appointment time will need to re-schedule.
  • Rehabs can be scheduled by calling x5491. If you get a recording, it is in your best interest to keep trying rather than leaving a message due to the busy nature of evaluations and treatments.


  • Drug testing: In the past 15 years, Lafayette has been selected at least once every academic year. Anticipate the probability of being tested.
  • The training rooms close 30 minutes after the end of your practice. In general, this means that Metzgar training room closes at 7pm, and the Sports Medicine Center in Kirby closes at 6:30pm. Kirby's hours are extended to accommodate the winter season practices on an as-needed basis Fall Break through Spring Break.