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The Lafayette men's and women's swimming and diving teams practice and compete in the six-lane Olympic-size Ruef Natatorium, which is housed within the Allan P. Kirby Sports Center. The pool contains dual, wave turbulent lane lines which are the standard 25-yard collegiate length. The pool also features an Omega timing system which provides an electronic readout for all six lanes. The natatorium is also equipped with two viewing windows, three Powerracks for in-water weight training and three Vasatrainers.

A separate diving well contains two one-meter boards and one three-meter board with an air-bubbling system. All three boards are Duraflex wafer. Other features include record boards, the coaches' office and men's and women's varsity locker rooms. The balcony seating area accommodates 350 spectators for meets, one of which is the annual Lafayette Invitational.